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Marta Michelle Colon

Founder/Chief Attitude Strategist of Buena Gente



Marta Michelle

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Meet Our Founder

Marta Michelle Colón is the founder of Buena Gente - a leading performance consulting firm that specializes in enabling individuals and organizations to achieve greater success by building their performance skills, optimizing productivity, and improving competitive advantage through their emotional intelligence. Buena Gente has impacted over 100 clients representing more than $3 billion in revenues combined in the corporate, academic, and government sectors.

Prior to founding Buena Gente, Marta Michelle specialized on program design and development to drive positive customer experience, leading systematic change initiatives, and identifying new business opportunities. Commitment to social good is an integral part of Marta Michelle’s beliefs, driving her to collaborate in the development of dozens of non-profit and for-profit social innovation programs, as well as funding strategies, raising over $50M.

Her passion is to serve as an advisor for businesses in the start-up phase. Collaboration is focused on robust planning development and visibility strategies for market penetration, resulting in sustainable, economic moats and significant growth for companies. These success stories have fueled the spark to found AccessLatina, the first multi-market accelerator for Latina entrepreneurs to enable their economic potential by opening new channels to capital, knowledge and resources. She is also actively involved in angel and impact investing, serving as a Managing Director at Golden Seeds and a Mentor at the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Marta Michelle has served in numerous Boards and Advisory Boards for private, government, and non-profit organizations; judged entrepreneurship competitions including Project American Dreams from Home Shopping Network; and keynoted over 300 conferences.

Earlier in her career, she dedicated fifteen years to establishing service programs in the federal, state, and municipal government to promote efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. She completed doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology and concluded an Executive Education Program of Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. Marta Michelle is a Scholar at The Aspen Institute and a Presidential Leadership Scholar.