Land Your Dream Job


Professional skills go beyond the rules of etiquette and good manners - it is about projecting the best of us, making others feel good and a little common sense.
Some of them are so simple, that it is possible to put into practice immediately;
Send A Thank You Note
What happened to thank others for their time, a gift, information, a favor and even an interview? If we want more opportunities, we need to thank, even if we are better. We can do it by email, text, a call and the best way, a note by hand. It differentiates us and projects attention to details.
Securing the Lift Rule
Do not argue your opinions, impressions or problems in the elevator. Do not affect your reputation or potential opportunities to discuss private matters in public areas, especially when you do not know those around you. This week while having lunch in a lobby in Hato Rey, a young woman commented on how much she detested her boss. I wanted to tell him that his boss was my friend. I preferred to remain silent, lest the young woman should choke.
Focus on the Face, Not on the Screen
These days it's easy enough to distract us. We have a plethora of stimuli that keep us busy - emails, texts, calls, social networks. And worse, they have made us think that if we do everything at once, we are more efficient and productive. When you are in a meeting or listening to someone, do not listen to the cell phone. Pay attention.
Be punctual
Why do people insist on writing "De Camino" when they are late for a meeting or engagement? The lack of punctuality shows disorganization, poor management of time and little respect for oneself and for others. Let us project the best of ourselves. Punctual is 10 minutes before the time quoted, early is 20 minutes before.

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