How to Become Great at Networking

An essential part of the success of our professional life is the ability to share with people different from us, to develop lasting and genuine relationships - which add knowledge, diverse points of view, and the possibility of better job opportunities, to grow our business and even possibilities not contemplated. However, saying it is easier than achieving it, because it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment on our part.

How do we do it?

Attending the events that invite us. A large percentage of us, after having confirmed, decided to "crack" us at the last minute and did not arrive.

Once we are in the event, make sure to meet at least three people, with whom we can exchange a conversation, beyond a business card.

To ensure greater success in conversation, it is best to join groups where there are three or five people. Odd groups will make it easier for someone to give us all their attention.
Leave your right hand free of food and drink. This way, whenever you present you have it available and dry.

When you introduce yourself remember to say your name twice, at the beginning and end of the conversation, and comment on something that distinguishes you or has in common with the person. This will ensure the other person will remember you.

On the other day of the activity, write an individualized email to the people you met and with whom you are interested in developing a relationship. A simple pleasure to meet you, or to make ourselves available.

Keep a calendar to make contact at least every three months with the people we meet - to greet, share something of interest to the other person or just for an invitation to coffee. Do not become the person who only makes contact when you need something.

The essential thing to develop professional relationships is to be committed to the moment - keep the phone stored, forget to share where and with whom we are in social networks. And more importantly, our willingness to collaborate with the relationship and not just for our own benefit.

EnglishCristina Hermida